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CM Capital






1.Account Application:

  • On Page 1, please initial on the top of the form

  • On page 1 (Step 1), please  detail your Name, and Type of Account

  • On Pages 2-3, complete Step 2

  • On Pages 3, please complete if applicable

  • On Page 4 (Step 4), provide source of funds, and then initial

  • On Page 5 (Step 5), please complete form.  If you want to choose these type of investments, selecting “Growth, Maximum Growth, and Speculation”  is appropriate

  • Complete Step 6 if you would like to add a trusted contact

  • Complete Step 7 and 8

  • On Page 6, initial Step 9

  • On Page 6, initial Step 10

  • On Page 7 (Step 12), please sign by “Account Holder”

  • Please attach a copy of your driver license

2. Account Transfer:

  • Within Section 2, select either a (1) Full Account Transfer or (2) Partial Account Transfer.  If a Partial Account Transfer, please provide detail (cash or securities) to be transferred

  • Please sign Section 3 by “Account Holder”

  • Provide a copy of a recent brokerage statement from the IRA account you’re transferring. (We will use your statement to complete the remainder of the form)


3. CM Capital Contract:

  • Complete the CM Capital Contract

  • Initial section 2a, 2b, 2c, and 2d

  • Initial 1st paragraph of Section 3 (Discretionary Investment Management)

  • Initial 1st paragraph of Section 17

  • Complete page 7 with your address, phone, and email

  • Sign and date page 6 (directly below section 19)

  • Initial page 9 (exhibit 2).  Please initial both sections on the bottom.  Please note that processing fees for this deal costs ~$35 a month to the account

  • Complete the pages 11-13


4. LOA Authorization Form

  • Sign and complete LOA authorization form to allow for the transfer of retirement funds 

 5.   Adoption Agreement

  • Designate Beneficiary

  • Complete Form and sign by “Signature of IRA Owner”

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